The Company

UPECO is a company with premium level of services in Accounting and Finance sectors.


The members of the company are not just graduates of economics and other relevant universities, they also worked for companies that specialize in different industries, which means, that their knowledge has a holistic approach.

The Services



The provided services are by rule related to accounting and financial issues of individuals and legal entities that are residing in England and also with matters of managerial representation, such as a Nominee Director. Λογιστικές υπηρεσίες στην Αγγλία.


One of the key points that underlie the level of company's professionalism, is the fact that it specializes in specific areas of an entity's activities, supporting it with top 'FinTech'.

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Priceless Award

“After an extensive survey, we ended up with UPECO, a company that confirmed to us that its people have real solutions to all the tasks and challenges that a company may face. Additionally to that, the quality of services has the best value for money!”

George Gkouvousis

Director at 8WEB

Cloud Accounting
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