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UPECO is a fully digitized Company which based in London and specializes mainly in Accounting, Financial Advisory, Investment Evaluation and Services of Managerial Representation of Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs). One of the most important things, is that the services are provided entirely digitally and throughout England.

It doesn’t matter if you are running a company or if you are working as a self employed professional. UPECO services cover every type of need, regardless of complexity or simplicity. We undertake both complete and partial accounting management issues (e.g. tax declaration, VAT return, CIS Management, etc.)

The members of UPECO, except the fact that they worked for companies specializing in accounting, they have also been passed through sectors like banking, construction, import-export, digital services, transportation, e-commerce and healthcare. Thus, having more spherical image of a business activity, the actions that recommended to take, in terms of your financial issues, take into account the consistency of all other subjects related to your business. 



At UPECO we use state-of-the-art technologies to give our customers the best service experience, with particular emphasis on interactivity, information, execution speed and data accuracy.

Our company always implements internal operation protocols which enable the traceability of data and consequently timely information. While the update to UK GAAP is done immediately always with the help of Cloud based software, to which the customer always has access regardless of where he/she is. Financial statement monitoring, invoicing, payroll, cash-flow and much more are always available to our customers.

Another remarkable things is that our staff always upgrades their knowledge through recognized British institutes, with one of them being CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants).

Social Awareness

We started with ourselves and now we suggest it to everyone who hasn’t done it yet. We are referring to an effort of avoiding the usage of paper, when that is possible. Due to the nature of our business, we are one of the first who have to broach it.  


The usage of digital tools is not just a tool through which someone can avoid the waste of paper, it is also an economical and more productive business habit.

It is also an attitude towards life and we personally feel more than great when we realize that we are working as digitally as possible and it’s an indescribable feeling to contribute even a little bit to our planet, keeping it green for future generations, as we once were.

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