What are Business Rates

Business Rate is the tax you have to pay to maintain your business premises and it applies to almost all premises which do not classify as domestic premises. These are:

➤ Shops

➤ Offices

➤ Pubs

➤ Warehouses

➤ Factories

➤ Holiday rental homes or guest houses

How to calculate your rate

Business Rates can be calculated based on the rateable value of the business/commercial premises. This can be calculated with the right “multiplier” (this amount is defined by the central government). To calculate your Business Rate, please click here.

It should be noted that the relevant tax can be changed. This change is not applied very often but rather roughly every 5 years. Also, there may be tax relief for some premises. You can find more detailed information regarding the tax relief here:

When your business is based in your house

Generally, in this case the tax does not apply, given that you do not use the largest part of your house for commercial reasons (for example, it will not apply if you only use one room). However, if you live on the upper floor and you have your business on the ground floor, or for example you use the garage as a hair salon, or your clients purchase goods from your house, then the circumstances are different and we recommend that you contact Valuation Office Agency (VOA) for more detailed and personalised information.

When you rent your property- self catering and holiday let accommodation

If you rent your property in England for more than 140 days, it is classified as “self-catering property” and you will have to pay Business Rates.

For more information and personalised help, please contact:

- Your Council or

- Valuation Office Agency (VOA)


Translated / Edited: Apostolia Nestoratou

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