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External Auditor

Kind of Contract: On occasional basis.


The External Auditor will conduct an audit and a detailed review of all the prepared financial statements (and related materials) of UPECO's customers and will provide an assessment of accuracy and compliancy.


  1. Examine financial statements to be sure that they are accurate and in compliance with applicable standards (e.g., FRS102, FRS105, etc.).

  2. Inspect account books and accounting systems for efficiency and use of accepted accounting procedures (GAAP and/or IFRS).

  3. Assess financial operations and make best-practices recommendations to management.


A bachelor’s degree in accounting or business administration is required. Three years of experience as an accountant, with one or more in positions of increasing responsibility are also required. The applicant must be also Certified and/or Chartered.

Excellent communication skills and the ability to work well with people at all levels are essential. Previous management experience is most preferable.

Experience with SAGE, QuickBooks and/or FreeAgent cloud software is crucial.


Ability to communicate orally with management and accountants is crucial. Regular use of phone and email for communication is essential. 

The job is performed by distance and physical movements not required. But extended periods of sitting while using a computer or other device are common.

Related country: UK

Remuneration (£): Upon agreement

Greek Accountant / Tax Expert

Kind of Contract: Permanent or Periodic or Project Basis


Due to the increased number of Greek customers combined with the desire to provide a holistic approach of our services, our company is looking for a professional to cover the needs of Greek tax affairs.

Our company is interested to provide work through a remote scheme on a permanent or periodic or project basis (select upon completion of the form). The professional we are looking for should be A' class ('Α κλάσης) specialist in Greek tax affairs.


⤷ Higher education degree in the economic sector.
⤷ Very good knowledge of the Greek tax system.
⤷ Proven experience for at least two years.
⤷ Knowledge of General Secretariat of Information Systems (GSIS).
⤷ Computer literacy.



⤷ Inform customers about their Greek tax affairs.
⤷ Submission of tax returns of physical entities.
⤷ Settlement and Updating of clients' tax issues (for example, change of tax residence).
⤷ Report of work and pending issues to Management.
⤷ Writing technical (informative) articles once a month (1 to 2 pages at most) and publishing them on the company's Internet forum.



⤷ Satisfactory remuneration.
⤷ The ability to work with a premium and technologically high class company.
⤷ Great autonomy and flexibility in working hours.
⤷ The opportunity to develop at the level of a Senior Partner with an additional interest income.
⤷ Providing (upon request) recommendations to third parties.

ADDITIONAL: Our company is also considering setting up a company in Greece. Applicants have the opportunity to participate in the share capital of the upcoming company. Details of headquarters, prerequisite chapters, and more will be discussed after interest has been expressed by both parties (the applicant and our company).

Related Country: Greece

Remuneration (£): Upon agreement

Russian Speaking Translator

Kind of Contract: On monthly basis.



We are looking for a professional to translate once a month our articles from English into Russian and vice versa. The number of pages is not more than 1-3 and most of the articles are of a technical nature, mainly related to the sectors of accounting, finance and business in general.


  1. Read through original material and rewrite it in the target language, ensuring that the meaning of the source text is retained.

  2. Use specialist dictionaries, thesauruses and reference books to find the closest equivalents for terminology and words used.

  3. Research legal, technical and scientific phraseology to find the correct translation.


We do not offer financial remuneration or a permanent workplace. We are looking for professionals who would like to offer theirs services under scheme of "Mutual Promotion and Support".

*"Mutual Promotion and Support" is a kind of cooperation based more on mutual support through the exchange of services instead of financial reward. For example through advertisement on both sides.


⤷ The status of partnership with premium class company based in London.
⤷ Reference in each article the translator name with a link that will lead to his / her professional page.
⤷ The opportunity of mentioning the translator on our website as our official partner.
⤷ Discounts for all our services up to the amount that is equal to the cost of provided services.
⤷ Recommendations to the prospective employer or partner.

For more information and clarifications, please contact us by filling out the form.

Related country: UK

Remuneration (£): Mutual Promotion and Support*

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