Why we support mobile number as well.

Mainly, is to consolidate all the communication methods (texts, calls, videos, pictures, etc) on one device, which by the way, is directly interactive with our main computer and server as well. One application of this practice is the “PC WhatsApp Panel” (for free communication and file transferring with all our clients globally on the go); another is our “Cloud Basis” where all documents and databases are securely stored and are able to be shared at anytime and on any device.

Additionally, we are able to carry out Skype Consulting Services and at the same time check the progress of our external partners’ affairs globally. Our fundamental principles should be noted, being - Ability to serve our clients from any location, anytime and with zero communications’ cost so as to reduce our services fees and increase flexibility for our current and future clients.

Every time you call or text us, we can communicate and respond instantly on any required document (that will be on our cloud database) whether we are in the office or not!

The last, but not least reason, is due to smartphones multi-functionality. Via a smartphone, we can easy filter, direct, forward or even block calls of specific numbers. For example, we can easy recognize who is our client on monthly or annual basis. Then, automatically the call forwarded to the right person and there is no need to ask you if you a client press X or Y and so on - waste of time and nervous. These are just a glimpse of some advantages. And we constantly working on it to give a real value to our clients through this.

The drawbacks of a landline are that it merely gives the ability to receive and make calls and that the additional cost would be transferred indirectly to our clients.

The landline is a dying breed - it's a matter of time. If not in next five years, then after a decade the landline will disappear, or at best, will be adapted to mobile technologies. Currently, the main reason to hold a landline, is for internet purposes.

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