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UPECO for our clients is more than just an accountancy firm. And one of the supporting factors is our Online Account (Online Account in Real Time - OART).

We have created this service so that our clients have the opportunity to be better informed in real time, regarding their taxes and financial obligations. This way everyone who uses this service will be able to receive information about their financial situation anytime and anywhere. In addition, OART can give statistical data, such as, detailed income and outcome, profitable and non investments, detailed financial indicators with reviews and many more. And one of the most important things is that all the information are presented in a simplistic way, without using complex terminology.

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Be in the know without being bound to the office.


No excuses to spend time and money on travelling and phonecalls.

To have valuable information in real time, means you will be informed in relation to future tax obligations, marginal positions, and financial gaps. Knowing your financial position and at the same time the legal situation in the tax system in real time, gives the ability to create fast and profitable strategies, avoiding any mistakes which are worth time and a lot of money.

What is included in OART

Information in real time about the tax and insurance responsibilities
Statistics on the financial flows
Detailed financial indicators
Histogram of financial positions in a two year period
The possibility of saving and downloading documents
(Invoices, Payslips, P60s, etc.) 

Informing of changes in the tax system
Informing of any errors relating to financial operations

SMS reporting
Tax declaration (CT600 & Self Assessment)




Scan or photograph billing and send to us. Any electronic formats just forward to us.


Give us time to process the data.


Watch in detail your financial situation and statistics.

For any clarification and additional information please get in touch with us!

Stay informed… anytime, anywhere

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