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New for Start-Ups / SAWP Package (Startup Accountancy Plus Website)

Most, if not all of us, when we hear about a Start-Up, our mind goes to a new business full of ambition. After that thought we realize that one of the most important things that every new business needs during its first steps is the right financial structure and the reputation to attract new customers.

So coming to realize the most important needs of a business, and due to the fact that most of our customers run such a business, we thought that we could contribute (even indirectly) to the second aforementioned need.  Sure, to increase the reputation of a business, the most direct way and one of the cheapest ways, indeed, is through the internet, and as such what’s better for a beginning than a website.  So, we came in touch with website creation experts and we created a new partnership through which we aim to support your new business venture, without you having to spend a fortune, right from the beginning.

What we offer:

I. Full consultation Support

II. Bookkeeping

III. A website for your Business

IV. Free Online Account


Our fees range from £89/pcm.


In any case, the above services, are the basic Startup package. You have the ability to adjust the package to your very own business needs and financial capabilities.


Do not hesitate to contact us for any clarifications.

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At present, our company does not consider the possibility of selling or creating new shares. In spite of that, you could send us your offer by sending us an email  with your official proposal.


Every business proposition will be carefully examined with all due diligence, professionalism and absolute confidentiality.

Investors Relations


We are always open to new proposals for cooperation. If you believe that we can add value to each other, please write to us freely here about the idea and your proposal. We'd love to know what it is you believe we could create.

Our company, other than the fact that it’s new and fairly small in terms of staff, it’s very optimistic and full of vision about the next day of entrepreneurship. We adapt to new trends and needs of our sector. We believe in the power of strategic partnerships and we always search for resources that will contribute dynamically to the evolution of our business journey.

We support the young people. People who are thirsty to be evolved through the contribution of their expertise and know how. If you are one them and you have ideas or expertise that can form our bilateral evolution of tomorrow, contact us, talk to us about your ideas. We are always happy in examining partnerships with such people.


Social Awareness

We started with our self and now we suggest it to everyone who hasn’t done it yet. We are referring to an effort of avoiding the usage of paper, when that is possible. Due to the nature of our business, we are one of the first who have to broach it.  The usage of digital tools is not just a tool through which someone can avoid the waste of paper, it is also an economical and more productive business habit.

Whatever the case, we believe that it’s not necessary to have a significant reason or a financial benefit for someone to adapt the idea of using of paperless method. It is an attitude towards life and we personally feel more than great when we realize that we are working as digitally as possible and it’s an indescribable feeling to contribute even a little bit to our planet.

So, those of you that don’t follow this method yet, go ahead and try it out and then you will realize that many things in your business are changing for the better. But above all, on your eyes, will change everything around you.




Accounting, Bookkeeping, Self Assessment



Accounting, Bookkeeping, Self Assessment
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