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In UPECO we are more than just accountants and financial advisers. We always strive to be the light in a maze of numbers that will guide our clients to the exit of prosperity, development and confidence in tomorrow. 


Our work affects human life and we want to work with people who share this view - A view beyond the numbers.

General Interest

If you are interested in your own field of activity, just let us know about your professional profile. When we are looking for partners or employees, we search first in our database, therefore you will be prioritized.

You can choose country of activity, field of activity, cooperation scheme and more by filling out our online form.

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Specified Roles & Projects

From time to time, we are interested in filling specific vacancies or assign a specific project. You can find our needs in our online form.

To work for UPECO is a privilege. Our company's Employment Contracts and project assignments, designed based on the GIG economy. This means that you work from your own comfortable space.

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